It has been estimated that up to 20% of our nation's population suffers from one of the following five addictions:





CHEMICAL (substance, including alcohol)

Substance abuse represents the largest number of addictive problems.  The total cost in terms of family breakdown, loss of productivity, injury and death is staggering.  Over 80% of all crime is traceable to addictions and substance abuse.  Traffic fatalities, assaults, murders, suicides, rapes, spousal and child abuse, lung cancer and heart disease can all be linked to substance abuse. 

The disease of addiction is multi-factorial having genetic, metabolic, environmental, psychological and spiritual components.  Addictions are our way to compensate for not feeling good about who we are.  We seek temporary feelings of being satisfied and peaceful through substances or activities.  With the intense pressure we feel in this society to succeed, many individuals seek temporary sensation of feeling good in order to suppress the pressure placed upon us in everyday life

Many in-patient and self help groups fail because all the components contributing to the disease have not been treated.  Recovering individuals require not only total avoidance of mood-altering substances but a balanced approach which includes nutrition, physical, mental and spiritual support.

Realizing that you may have a problem is the first step in solving the problem.  If you are ready and willing to take certain steps, you are on your way to recovering from the grip these addictive practices have on your life.

As a Certified Addiction Professional Dr. Hennagir will address all your concerns and needs confidentially when dealing with your addiction management.  Living in denial of the problem only perpetuates it.  Get honest - get your life back.  The first step is the hardest, but it is the beginning of an entire journey.